Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Make a Statement Necklace

I absolutely love all of these various statement necklaces that have become popular, and I especially like the ones that have ribbons for the closure.  Recently, I was in a local craft store and saw the "statement" part of the necklace all ready to go - all ya had to do was add the necklace part to it.  And voilà, an instant project was born!

So here you can see the ready-made item that I chose.  I adore ruffles and flowers, so I immediately fell in love with it!

First things first, you'll want to select the ribbon to use.  (I went with a coordinating ivory shade.)  Decide how long you want the ribbon to be, and cut two pieces to be the same length.

Using a sewing machine, or needle and thread, fold one end up to create a loop and sew.  (This loop will be used to attach the floral piece to the ribbon.)

Sew one loopy end on each of the ribbons - one for each side of the necklace.

Next, attach the ribbon to the floral piece.  I chose to use a slightly thick-gauged jewelry wire, feeding the wire through the ribbon loop and floral piece and then twisting the ends of the wire to keep it together.  (You could also use metal jump rings instead of the wire.)


If you go the wire route, be sure to cover the ends of the wire with a small piece of ribbon or felt so that it won't poke you when you wear it.  (I used a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon square, but you could also use a strong-holding craft tacky glue.)

Once you attach both of the ribbons to their respective sides, the necklace is finished!  Allow the hot glue to dry and cool, and now you have a stylish, semi-handmade statement necklace to add to your jewelry arsenal.

It kicks a basic tee up a notch and is a fun accessory to wear with many different looks.

~Beaucoup de Bisous~

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