Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fancy Flip-Flops

Before giving those old flips the flop, try jazzing them up with chic embellishments!  This quick and easy project will take them from drab to fab.

Find your less than fabulous footwear and pick out the desired embellishment - that could be anything from chain (like what I went with) to ribbon, bows, charms, flowers, etc.

Lay the chain over the area you wish to change and measure how much you will need; cut using pliers.

Using the piece you just cut, use it to measure a strip for the other shoe.  (Chances are, each sandal strap will require different lengths.  So cut 2 of each size.)

Since I wanted to use 2 different types of chains, I measured 2 more of each size for each sandal.

Using a hot-glue gun, begin by securing one end of each chain to the center of the straps.

Lay the chain across the strap ensuring it does not twist, and secure with glue every so often.

Be sure to use extra glue at the end for added stability.

Now repeat those steps for the other strand of chain, for the other strap, and the other shoe.

Et voilà! Now you'll get more use out those flip-flops from their updated makeover!

 ~Beaucoup de Bisous~

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