Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boho Chic Scarf Bangle

Returning to projects revolving around all the wonderful things you can do with scarves, here's another fun one.

To start, get out one of those old frumpy scarves you no longer wear.  I still really like the rich colors in this one, and thought gold accents could play off it well.

You'll also need a plastic bangle bracelet.  I just happened to have this clear one laying around.

Cut two 2-inch strips from the scarf, making each about 10-inches long.  That's all you'll need from the scarf.  (Think about all the other projects you can get out of one scarf!)

The process is pretty simple: hot-glue one of the strips to the bangle and start wrapping it around.

One strip is going to cover 3/4's of the bangle.  I liked the way the fringe looked hanging from the bangle, so I decided to leave it.

Repeat the process with the second strip, leaving the fringe to dangle.  (I believe the fringe gives it more of that boho feel, but if you don't dig it, you can always trim it off.)

I wanted to add some gold accents, so I found some gold leaf beads and chose to make them dangling charms by using bendable, gold jewelry pins.

I wrapped the pin around the bangle and secured it with a dab of hot glue.  (The flaps of material were able to hide the glue.)

The leaf charms just add that extra something.

Now throw on your boho-inspired ensemble and let that bangle be the conversation starting piece!

~Beaucoup de Bisous~


  1. aww very cute! it looks great!

  2. That is adorable! What a great idea for an old scarf! I have a few laying around I'd love to do something like this with.

  3. Thanks for the comments! You both should try it out, and then send me pics and I'll post for others to see your work too! :)


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