Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No-Sew Infinity Scarf

I have 2 scarves that I found myself not really wearing anymore because they just seemed "blah."  Then I realized a quick way to refashion them into one long infinity scarf, and best of all, it's a no-sew project!  Can't believe I never thought to do this before!


First of all, in order to do the trick, the scarves need to have fringed-ends, and ideally, the fringe should be similarly-spaced.

All you need to do is lay the scarves on top of one another and start tying the fringe together; like so.

Tie both ends of the scarves so that it creates a large circle when you're done.

From the one side, the tied fringe will be visible...

...and from the other, a "seam" of sorts will exist.


You're done!  That's all there is to it.  And should you ever decide to wear them separately again, just untie the fringe.  It's not permanent.  Another plus, if your scarves are solid colors like the ones I used, you've just created a great color-block piece - very hot right now!  If you have 2 patterned scarves, it would be a fun way to mix prints and experiment with that trend as well.

~Beaucoup de Bisous~

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  1. I just thought of a way to tweak this project! If you don't want such a long infinity scarf, you could tie the fringed ends of just one scarf together, instead of using 2 scarfs. That way, you'll still end up with a loop, but it won't be as long.


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