Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ooh La Lace Part 1 - Embellishing a Sweater

So, I started this project a while ago and now that Fall fashion is here, I knew it would be the perfect time to finish it.

This black cropped cardigan I bought from Banana Republic about four years ago, but I haven't worn it for about two years because I snagged it and there's a hole on the back. Then I realized that since lace is a big trend, I could sew it onto the back to disguise the hole. The lace would act as a patch, while embellishing the sweater! 
Breathe new life into one of your sweaters with this simple trick...

See the snag/hole?  It may be tiny, but of course holes in a sweater are not good.

I started by changing the buttons. I figured rhinestone buttons would be more fitting with lace than the existing tortoiseshell ones (save those for a rainy day).

 Choose the lace you wish to use.  (Mine was about 1.5 inches wide.)

Then figure out the placement of the lace and pin it in place.

Sew along the top edge using a loose running stitch. This will help the lace to move along with the sweater when you're wearing it. (A tighter stitch may prevent the lace from laying as nicely.)

I wanted to have two rows of lace, so I placed a second row, cut, and pinned it.  (Sew in the same manner as before, ensuring the stitch is not too tight.)

When you're finished with the running stitch along the top edge on both rows of lace, sew little "X" stitches to tack the bottom edges down. On the top row, I decided to tack down the two ends and two points in the middle. And on the bottom row, I tacked down the two ends and only one point in the middle. (The tack-down points can vary depending on where you think you'll need to secure the lace.)

Once you have tacked down the necessary spots, the project is complete!

Now I can wear my little cardigan again (hee hee, that rhymes!) knowing that the hole on the back is hidden. I much prefer this solution than just throwing away a favorite piece of clothing. (I'm sure if you're anything like me, you find it an emotional dilemma to part with your favorite pieces.)

~Beaucoup de Bisous~


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