Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ooh La Lace Part 2 - Sweet Lace Tee

I was super excited about refashioning this plain tee into something a bit more me.  I'm not a jean and t-shirt type girl; I've got to have something more than basic.  So since I had some lace left from last week's post, I decided to use it for this.

This long, banded-bottom knit tee just wasn't cutting it.  It needed some embellishments!

I happened to find this black sequined-sash from Target (circa 2005) in my closet the other day buried under all my scarfs and belts.  It wasn't getting any use in it's current form, so I knew it would be perfect for the tee project!

This lace was leftover from a previous project, and I wanted to incorporate it as well.

To start, layout the embellishments and pin in place.

I wanted the sash to go around the entire shirt, and then the lace would just be on the front.

This sash has pointed ends, so I needed to be sure to pin it down.  That way when I started sewing, it would lay well.

After pinning, it's time to sew.  Be sure to sew at a comfortable, but slower pace so that you can keep the fabric of the tee from bunching.

Once the sash and lace are attached to the tee, go ahead and trim the excess.  I used the rest of the trimmed lace so that there was a band of lace above and below the sequined-sash.

Now this is more like it!  How cute this is gonna look with jeggings and a long cardigan!  

Have any of you embellished a tee like this?

~Beaucoup de Bisous~


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