Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beauty Tuesdays: Vintage Hair Clips

You may remember when I updated some of my vintage earrings from having clip-on or screw-on backs to having post-backs.  Well, I wanted to share with you another use for the ones that are still in their original clip-on forms.

Clip-on earrings can make a great hair clip.  Many of the vintage costume variety are ornate and sparkly and all those delightful things, and they work in a similar way that regular hair clips do.  (This pair that I'm wearing here are yet another pair I inherited from my great aunt.)  

Word to the wise: be sure to either twist the section of hair and/or use a good spritz of strong-hold hairspray so that there is some texture for the clip to adhere to.  Otherwise, since these clips don't have teeth (like the clips made to be worn in hair do), the earrings may want to fall loose, especially if they're heavier ones.  

Wear them in lieu of your traditional hair clips for a change or add them to a braid or ponytail look for an unexpected twist. And how cute would these be adorning an up-do?

~Beaucoup de Bisous~

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