Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beauty Tuesdays: Glitter Glam

Here are my tips to instantly add some sparkle for a special occasion or a night on the town!  I absolutely adore doing this, so I want to share the fun!  (After all, it's that time of year to shine!)

There are a few tricks up my sleeve for a glitzy glam look.  These pics from my recent birthday (don't mind the hubby with a spoon in his mouth) are perfect examples to showcase my tips for a glitzy glow. 

Shimmer Powder

I apply this over my foundation and blush to the area right above my cheeks next to my eyes.  It really accents that area and sparkles nicely in photos!  
(Ulta Shimmer Powder in Pearl and Pink)

Illuminating Face Powder

This has quickly become a favorite of mine!  The pearly quality of the powder really brightens the complexion and gives you a gorgeous glow.  I apply this over my foundation and blush to finish off the look. (Helpful hint - A little goes a LONG way!)
(BareMinerals All-Over Face Color in Citrine Radiance)  

Shimmer Eye Shadow

 After I apply my eye makeup, I like to use a small eye liner brush to apply this to the inner corner of my eye (the corner near the nose).  It really makes your eyes pop and helps to offset dark circles.
(Ulta Mineral Loose Eye Shadow in Snow)  

 Glitter Eye Liner

So I think eye shadow with glitter in it is a given here (that's why I'm not including it in my tips), but often I believe glitter eye liner can be overlooked as a fun tool.  When I opt for this, I don't apply it to my whole eye line; I typically only do the outer corners of my eyes (tops and bottoms).  Otherwise, I think it gets a little over-the-top.  (Yeah, I know, hard to believe you can go overboard on glitter.)  A safe way to do this is to match the color of your eye makeup to your outfit, or choose a color that brings out the color of your eyes.  And be careful not to get the specks of glitter in your eyes...OW!  
(Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Liquid Glitter Liner in Copperhot and Plumburst)

Shimmery, Illuminating, Glittery Body Lotion

Last, but certainly not least, besparkle (is that a word?) your entire body (and smell great too) with shimmering body lotion in the fragrance of your choice.  (Because when you look like a sparkle goddess, you feel like one too!)  These are two of my personal faves.
(Victoria's Secret Shimmering Body Lotion in Super Model and Illuminating Body Lotion in Sexy Little Things)
~Beaucoup de Bisous~


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