Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ensemble Saturdays: Christmas Party Chic

Well, I know you've been waiting in anticipation to see when and what I'd post today...or maybe not.  Either way, it's all good because it's Christmas (and the fifth night of Hanukkah)!  I know now it's technically Sunday, but oh well (been busy, busy, busy). 

For the traditional Christmas Eve festivities, we always gather at my grandparents' house.  This year, instead of the usual gift exchange, we did a gift card exchange and played some games to determine who would get each one - too fun!  (Don't ya just love the scene in the background of these pics of all the opened gifts?!) 

I wanted to wear something on the casual side, but festive nonetheless.  So this is where my style adventure led me.  

In this ensemble, head-to-toe:  hairclip-New York & Co. (also seen here), earrings-vintage/refashioned (also seen here), necklace-refashioned, faux fur stole-Loft (this buttons to the sweater seen here), blouse-Loft (also seen here), bracelet-refashioned, clutch-Hollywould for Target, jeans-Loft (also seen here), shoes-Mossimo for Target

Funny story about these darling shoes: they happened to be the very last pair of 10s sitting on the shelf (and they were on clearance to boot)!  As soon as I saw them, I grabbed them and took them to next aisle over to look at them on my feet in the mirror, just as I heard a girl say to her friend, "Oh no!  There aren't any 10s left in the red ones!"  Needless to say, that was just in time and...I won!  (Oh gosh, I hope that shoe karma doesn't come around to bite me...)

May you and yours have a merry one!  If you have any fun holiday (or shoe) stories, please share them in the comment box!

~Beaucoup de Bisous~

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  1. I can't believe the shoes are from Target! So pretty! I've been wanting a pair of red heels for so long but haven't found anything this cute yet!
    Like the blouse too. :)


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