Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty Tuesdays: My Skin "Secrets"

Over the course of this blog, I've received comments complimenting my skin, saying that I "glow" and have "rosy cheeks."  One reader even requested for me to share my "secrets."  (When someone asks, I must deliver.)  So, here you go!

When I was trying to think of what I would even include in this post, I realized there are 2 different ways to go about it.  Should I include my daily regiment, or those quick-fix-type-dealios?  Well, how about a bit of both?  
Because honestly, I don't really have secrets, per se.  

~My Skin Care Routine~

I'm not going to tell you that I wash my face twice a day, because that would be a lie.  I don't always remember to take my make-up off at the end of the day.  I'm usually just so ready for bed, that after the contact lenses are out and the teeth are brushed, I hit the hay.  
However, I do believe that a good facial cleanser is a must.  I prefer the simple drugstore brands when it comes to that: Clean&Clear has been a longtime staple.  The past year I have been using the 3-in-1 Foaming Acne Wash with much success.  When I was 16, I did have a problem with acne and I used to use Proactiv religiously until the age 20, but now that I'm older, I only experience the occasional stress breakout or the, well,  ya know, PMS breakout.  So, I'm not that concerned about acne, but this cleanser seals the deal for me.

As for care after the wash, my skin tends to be on the dry side, no matter what time of year.  (And, I drink plenty of water so I have no idea why it's always like that...gotta love genetics, I guess.)  If there's one thing I absolutely must apply on-the-daily, it's moisturizer.  For this, I am a bit picky.  Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion has been my go-to as long as I can remember.  There's just something about it to which no other product compares.  I apply it to my face and neck, in an upward motion, everyday.

My Make-up Routine

I follow the belief that sunscreen is key.  I always make sure my foundations contain SPF that is at least 15.  In fact, even on my lazy days when I don't feel like putting much effort into my routine, I apply a tinted moisturizer (even over the Clinique lotion) that has sunscreen in it.  (This is probably why I love powder bronzer and facial self-tanner so much...so I don't look ghostly.)

Also, blush makes such a difference!  You may remember this BT post.  And, in this other post, I mention shimmer powder.  In my opinion, it's fine for many more occasions besides trying to achieve a glam look.  (Everyday glamour is important!)  Plus, the more light-reflective pigments and such that you apply to your face, the more those little imperfections are hidden.

My Body Care Routine

I realize that I've been focusing on the face, but there is skin elsewhere, right?  As far as the rest of the body is concerned, I would say that the above info holds true.  I use a moisturizing cleanser (Olay and Dove body washes are my personal faves) and then use lotion afterwards, as seen in this post.  

Shimmery lotions and leg make-up are also typical products for me too.  I just feel more glamorous when I glow, and who wouldn't?  Sally Hansen's Airbrush Shimmer is one I frequently use in the summertime when bare legs are a must.   

Well, I hope this at least lets you peek a little more into my life, if not inspire you to pay attention to your own skincare routine.  As I said earlier, I'm not sure I really have any "secrets."  

What are your secrets?  Please, do share with the rest of us!

~Beaucoup de Bisous~      


  1. You take care of your skin so well. Yes, moisturizer is key. It's my absolute as well.


  2. Awesome Lara!!! You definitely do glow but I think you are just naturally beautiful, with or without makeup, and that can't be bought- it just radiates from within! Xo :)

  3. You do have great skin.
    Im also a big fan of good moisturizer and I'm a firm believer in sunscreen too, great advice xo


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