Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beauty Tuesdays: What's in my bag?

Maybe the better question is, "What's not in my bag?"  Regardless, I enjoy seeing fellow bloggers document what they carry with them in their purses on the daily.  It's fun, but I also think it brings us together as women.  (I mean, most of us all carry bags, right?)  Plus, sometimes it gives me ideas about what I need to add to it, for convenience sake, of course.  After all, my bag is more than a fashion statement - it's  like my security blanket and a lifesaver.

My handbag of choice 9 times out of 10 (unless I have another bag that better matches my outfit) is this Coach beauty - the Madison Sabrina convertible.  The hubby bought this for me a few years ago, but it's still by far my favorite.  (Yeah, this isn't my only one...I have a problem...I have a major Coach weakness.)  You may remember seeing it herehere, and here.

Well, here's the mess contents.  Believe it or not, most of the time, my purse is organized...until those pesky gum wrappers and receipts make it cluttered.

Let's start in the middle - I have two flat wallets that I swap out from time to time.  This one my bestie gave me for my birthday one year; the other one is a black faux croc that the hubby brought back from San Antonio.  
I'm not sure if I should include my iPhone as being "in my bag" since it's usually just glued to my hand, but here it is in its cute Kate Spade polka dot case.  
The little hook thingy is a handbag hanger - a major must!  Perfect for restaurants when you don't want to put your bag on the questionable floor. 

In the top left corner are my keys - complete with hand-sanitizer dispenser and Godiva rewards card (yeah, chocolate is another vice).
I call these sunglasses my "hipster frames," and they're the only semi-hipster thing I own.  The giant case is necessary for my other big "bug-eye" pair.
Next to the sunnies, you'll see a pink, floral reusable shopping bag.  I like the convenience of always having another bag in my bag, perfect for quick grocery runs.
Here is my safety whistle.  I've carried one since I can remember.  Thankfully, I've never had to use it, but in the unfortunate event that I need it, I'm covered!  (A lot of people think it's silly, but I believe it's a must, especially when I go into the city.)
I always carry a notepad and a variety of writing instruments: my go-to pen, a Sharpie (great for fixing scuff marks on shoes), a highlighter (because, ya never know), and a multi-colored-inks pen (I'm set for whatever color I need). 
I'm a chronic gum chewer - sugar-free is a must!  Stride Sweet Peppermint has been my staple for the past year.  (I honestly don't know how I managed to chew any other flavor before!)  And for a pick-me-up: hard candies!  It's also not uncommon to find the random Special K bar and/or Clif bar. 

One of the reasons I think my purse is able to stay organized is because I use smaller bags to compartmentalize things.  
The exterior of the navy Victoria's Secret bag is plastic-lined which makes the occasional internal-purse-spill easy to clean.  This is my mini-emergency bag: Shout wipes, nail files, prescription eyedrops, feminine necessities, oil-blotting pads, Advil, Dramamine, Tums, Q-tips, bandaids, extra ponytail holders and bobby pins. 
The metallic cosmetic bag from Merle Norman is just for my lipgloss.  My three current faves are sticking out: Bath&Body Works Liplicious in Sugared Macaroon (tastes so good!), Est√©Lauder pure color gloss in Electric Ginger Shimmer, and DiorKiss in Iced Latte.  Currently there are about 15 different glosses in there...(yeah, that's another addiction)....    

Moving on, the gold bag at the top is the Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats.  They come in quite handy at the end of the workday or night out.
That red case is my camera case.  I find it an occupational necessity as a blogger to always have my camera ready for documenting things.  
I have asthma and chronic allergies so I always have to have my peak flow meter and emergency inhaler.  (I also carry a smorgasbord of various prescription and OTC asthma and allergy meds, but they're not pictured because, well, that's kinda boring.)
Cherry Chapstick is a longtime staple of mine, as is Jergens lotion, as you might remember from this previous BT post.
The foldable hairbrush compact and comb are great for keeping my bangs straight.
Tissues (note the prior mention of the chronic allergies problem) are always handy.
A small eye palette from Forever 21 is perfect for quick touch-ups, and this cute mirror compact was a party favor from my bestie's birthday party a few years ago - practical and sentimental!
Finally, I enjoy switching up my scent on a regular basis, so I love having a few of my faves on hand: Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture, Sexy Little Things and Supermodel by Victoria's Secret, and Velvet Tuberose by Bath&Body Works.  (And not pictured but always in my bag is some kind of deodorant spray for freshening up.) 

Well, I hope this was both informational and entertaining.  I bet you learned a lot about me too!
So what about you all?  What's in your bag?
~Beaucoup de Bisous~


  1. Great post, it's always facinating to see what other women carry around with them


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