Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Stretchy Headband

After seeing some celebs at the Golden Globes sporting headbands, I came up with this fun project to make your own fancy headband.  (There are both sewing and no-sew instructions included.)

You'll need to have 2 ponytail holders (preferably ones without the metal part), seed beads, a nice piece of velvet, measuring tape, scissors, hot-glue gun for the no-sew version, and a sewing machine, iron, and pins for the sewing version. 

Cut the ponytail holders where they're glued together.

Measure your velvet.  You'll need 16 inches worth.

Use a wider ruler to determine the thickness of your band.  (You'll be folding it in half, so keep that in mind.)

**No-sew version - You won't fold the band material in half.  What you cut will be the band. 

Fold the band material in half, right sides (the sides with the fuzzy velvet texture) facing each other.  Pin to secure.

**No-sew version - The steps including the sewing machine don't apply to you.

Line the foot along the raw edge of the material and sew the entire length of it.

(I used a light colored thread so you could see it.)

Next you need to smooth down the raw edges and iron them.

Smoothing the raw edges with an iron will allow the headband to lay nicely.

Now, turn the headband in on itself.  This will reveal the velvet that you want to see.  This process can take a few minutes, so be patient.

Once you have the headband with the velvet facing the right way, you'll want to iron it with the seam down the middle.

To finish the raw ends, fold a small amount of the fabric into the inside.  You can iron the ends again to make sure they lay nicely.

Insert the 2 ponytail holders into the middle of the headband and sew to secure.  This will be quite thick for the sewing machine needle to get through, but it should still sew through it.  Run the headband back and forth under the needle a few times to ensure a good hold.

**No-sew version - Use the hot glue gun to secure the ponytail holders to the headband.  Cut small squares of the velvet to cover the glue.  (This will also make it more comfortable to wear.

Now you have the headband complete - time to decorate!

The easiest way to decorate the headband will be to use the seed beads and a thread and needle to create a beaded design. 

To create the zigzag design, string about 15 seed beads onto the thread.

Then secure the beads.  Repeat to your liking.

Then use another color of seed beads to create some accent zigzags.  (Depending on the color of beads you choose, your design could look art deco (like mine) or tribal.)

Enjoy your new handmade headband!

~Beaucoup de Bisous~


  1. Very pretty. Unfortunately sewing is involved, so I would be really bad at it :O(

    1. You should try the no-sew instructions option!

  2. wow this is just incredible! i really want to make one! would be perfect to do on a rainy day while watching movies.

    im following :) x

  3. this is a fabulous idea! I like how it turned out. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Looks like I found another refashionista! Following you!


  4. looks lovely! I have to try it.xx

  5. loving your blog, keep it up, as always!
    i always love to see a new and refreshing post!


  6. I love this! the headband turned out great!


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