Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Extend the Life of Your Holiday-themed Jewelry

For my birthday, I received this fun, Christmas-themed Palm Beach Jewelry necklace, which I wore on Christmas Day.  However, I don't want something that I can only wear once a year!  So, I decided I would use some of my refashioning magic to make it a piece that is suitable year-round.

First, with pliers, I removed the Christmas bell charms, which give the necklace its holiday-ness.

Then I attached tiny gold clasps to the charms.  (This allows me to clip them back on the necklace when appropriate.)
I thought the necklace lacked a little something with the charms gone, so I chose these little glitzy beads to add to it.

 (Most craft stores carry these jewelry wire pins.)

I strung the beads onto the wires, and using pliers, I bent and curled the wire to create little charms.
I put the new charms where the former ones were.

Now the necklace can be fab all year-round!  
I love the colors of the pearls next to the sparkle of the new charms.

 And when the holidays come around, I can just clip the bells back on again.

If you have holiday-themed jewelry that you want to wear more than once, I challenge you to get creative with it!
 ~Beaucoup de Bisous~


  1. such a cool necklace! i wish i was as crafty as you

  2. Wow, this is so creative and that's so cool you thought of it. I love how you were able to take the bells off but you can always add them later too.
    Great post,

    following you now,
    I'm an aspiring stylist with a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time

  3. great idea!


  4. AMAZING! love that necklace soo much! xx

  5. Marvelous idea, it looks great!! So creative!

    xo erica

  6. Awesome ideas put together i find here.

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  8. this is great.. what a wonderful idea and way to wear it year 'round!

  9. Really great post!Very interesting and helpful!

  10. Beautiful!


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