Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fascinator-like Headband

After seeing how my headband project turned out, my bestie requested that I make a headpiece for her to wear at her birthday party.  She found one she liked online and wanted me to recreate the look for her.

To start, I used a blank headband from a craft store.  I used the same process as this project to cover it.

To  make the yo-yo flowers, I traced objects of various sizes to make templates.  The template needs to be about double the size of the desired yo-yo size.

Next, I placed and traced the templates on the fabric, and cut them.

I needed to fold a small allowance down, and I found that using a cool iron helped to hold it better.

The next step gave me some options.  For a larger hole in the middle of the yo-yo, I would need to sew a small stitch.  For a smaller hole, I would need a larger stitch.  Since, I wanted the yo-yos to have a smaller hole, I used a loose, large stitch.  That way when I gathered it up, the fabric would meet in the middle.

After going around the entire circle, I pulled the thread to gather the fabric, creating the yo-yo flower. See how the fabric in the middle is very close together?  Perfect for this project.

I ended up making a few yo-yos of different sizes so I could play around with the placement of them on the headband.

I love the look of these crystal buttons.  I use them for many of my projects like this one.  They made the perfect center for the flowers.  Very glitzy!

Next, I had to tackle the Russian netting.  I found it can be tricky to work with.

To create the desired look, I accordion folded the netting.

Using my phone to hold down the netting, I used needle and thread to stitch one end of the folded netting.

When I unfolded the netting, it made a fan-like shape which is what I wanted.

Then, I needed to make something to place the netting and yo-yo flowers on to attach it to the headband.  I used a small, rectangular piece of black velvet to maintain the luxe look.  I pinned one side and sewed it.

After sewing the velvet, I flattened the seam using an iron, similar to this project.

Then I turned the velvet right side out.

I slipped the velvet onto the headband and hot-glued it in place.  That provided a place to attach the netting and yo-yo flowers with a hot-glue gun.

Now, my bestie will have a fab headpiece to wear for her party!  (Although, I'm not gonna lie, I may have been wearing it around the house before giving it to her.  Makes me feel kinda like Kate Middleton.

~Beaucoup de Bisous~ 


  1. This is gorgeous. Looks completely professional.

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm sure she'll be truely grateful.
    I would have worn it round the house too :)

  3. Very nice...looks hard though...hahah I don't think I can ever do this..:-(

  4. I love it! It is so adorable and dramatic!

  5. So cute!!! I love this!! You could make these for weddings, etc! Your bestie will love it!

    <3 Denise


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