Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ensemble Saturdays: You Blog, You Learn

I have been blogging not even a year yet, but have learned plenty along the way so far.  I know I have much more waiting ahead, but even so, I can share with you some tips - learning from/poking fun of my own mistakes mishaps. 

When taking outfit pics out in the elements, those "elements" can be your friends or your enemies.  It's best to use them to your benefit, when possible (possible being the keyword there).  

For example: the sun. 

It can cast shadows, rendering the pic useless.  Who wants their face in the dark?  

On the other hand, stepping out into the bright sunlight causes you to squint and really draws attention to the fact that you have had your arms covered by sweaters and coats all winter so you are pale pale pale.

 Next example: the wind.

It blows (literally, and quite often figuratively).  And when it blows, you never know if it will work in your favor or not.  Who wants hair in their face? 

On the other hand, it can totally be a natural wind machine.  (After all, the wind machine had to get its name somewhere, right?)  I could almost here a photographer saying, "Work it, girl!"  

One might think I purposefully staged these photos to demonstrate my contraire.  At first, I was very frustrated about how this shoot went, but then after some reflection, as I was going through them on iPhoto, I realized, this is actually kinda hilarious.  
My first tagline for this outfit was going to be "hopeful," as in being hopeful for the Spring to come: warmer weather, green leaves on the plants, and the cliché "renewal" that we associate with the season.
Needless to say, nature had another tagline in the works for me, which leads me to my final tip - be resilient.  You can always bounce back from a bad outfit or a bad photo shoot.  And it doesn't hurt to offer up a little self-deprecating humor every now and then.   

In this ensemble, head-to-toe:  earrings-Avon, necklace-Loft (also seen here), top-Loft, bracelet-Premier Designs (also seen here), clutch-Korto Momolu (also seen here), pants-Loft (also seen here), shoes-Rampage (also seen here)

~Beaucoup de Bisous~


  1. I loved reading your tips and thinking that I learned those things too :)
    You are very pretty btw


  2. I've also been blogging for almost a year and i seriously learn everyday! (Oh outfit shoots!!!) I love your outfit! I"m obsessed with your top!



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